NZOUG APAC Groundbreakers Tour 2019 – Presentations

Anton Els – Oracle Linux and Docker Getting Started!

Charles Kim – Bullet Proof Your Data Guard 12.2c/18c/19c On-Premise and to the Cloud

Charles Kim – Get Ready For Brain Overload with Oracle Database 12.2/18c/19c Feature

Connor McDonald – Flashback, not just for DBAs

Connor McDonald – Back to basics – fundamentals of SQL processing

Craig Shallahamer – Top 10 Ways to Totally Mess-up an AWR Analysis

Francisco Munoz Alvarez – Does the Cloud Mean the End of the DBA? Life After Oracle Autonomous Database

Karen Cannell – APEX Interactive Grid API Essentials: The Stuff You’ll Really Use

Karen Cannell – Voyage to Visual Builder Cloud Service: First Impressions from an APEX Gal

Patrick Barel – Get to Know Your Program by Instrumentation